Happy Spring, y’all!

With a new season, we have some exciting news to share with all our supporters and friends!

Firstly, we have made some big dreams come true by finally expanding to the Newburg neighborhood with the help of
Impact100 award. We started doing our Newburg program at the Newburg Boys and Girls Club at the end of February! At
this program, we are providing mentorship, reading/literacy tutoring, and basketball training to 25 new students in
addition to the 60 students currently enrolled in our Portland after-school program at our home base, The Creation

We just completed the 12th session of our weekly Books and Basketball program for Elementary students. This
program attracts adult volunteers from many different professions and backgrounds. This also gives local high school
students the chance to work with at-risk youth from several different schools including Kentucky County Day, Holy Cross
High School, Central High School, and others. This free program has attracted over 200 Elementary school students since
2021, most of which we see returning session after session. This weekly program also gives younger students and their
parents a preview of our regular after-school program that runs Monday-Thursday for students ages 8-14.

Our first year of the DELTA Unity league is coming to a close. This league has brought together students from several
different neighborhoods in an effort to teach sportsmanship, reduce neighborhood-to-neighborhood violence, and work
to eliminate stereotypes. This league is focused heavily on development and teaching of the fundamentals of the game of
basketball. In the league, coaches are heavily encouraged to offer every kid equal playing time so that it is fun learning
experience for all participants.

Thank you for your support!